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to our lives and our ventures. We - Agata and Andrew - met twenty years ago for the first time and we never parted. Our meeting was a starting point to all other meetings with people from around the world, which followed and brought to our lives joy, fulfillment and excitement. We felt priviliged that we had an opportunity to experience the world and discover its endless beauty. Through the pictures taken and the stories told we have been sharing our delight. All other ventures and enterprises are side effects of the meetings we experienced.

Agata & Andrew

About us

We are slow life enthusiasts. We love high mountain trekkings, good books and our friends scattered across the continents. In the last ten years we traveled around the world, walked the Way of Saint James, completed two full marathons, bungy jumped, read five hundered books, brew our own beer, learned two languages and participated in thirty scientific conferences.

A doctor in migration studies and archeologist - software developer: it's us, people who are behind the project Null&Full.


Why the world is our tribe?

First because being a part of the tribe is only possible through a deep and authentic meeting. You have to be ready for meeting people and create a relationship. You have to be openminded. You need to make an effort, establish the routine, but most of all, you need time, and we have plenty. We are never in a rush. We feel we are members of the human tribe because we feel the connection with others. We give and receive the good that is present in the world. We get close to people so we could feel they joy and sadness. Naturally, the journey to touch the soul of the world is never completed and thus we put ourselves in shoes of the students who never stop trying.


About travelling

We have travelled a lot and soon we have experienced a strong drive towards sharing our stories, pictures and thoughts. As a result, we created a travel blog called It is deeply rooted in one of our favourite book of all times by Nicolas Bouvier "Le vide et le plein". We understood it as a paradox and created the name of our company: Null&Full. This is our travel manifesto. We strongly believe that to experience the world we need to create space inside our heads and hearts. Before the journey starts we need to take a good care of ourselves and make sure we are ready for the meetings with others. We have always been encouraging all our readers to traveling slow, visiting the same place in various seasons, learning the language and reading the books about the place visited.


We moved to Italy where we learned the language and local customs, we familiarized ourselves with the tradition and history of the region. We discovered the richness of the Italian cuisine and we heard hundreds personal stories of our Italian friends about their childhood, hard times, family life and love for their country. At the same time we knew that there are tourists who visit Italy and eat badly because they are not aware of the local customs. We wanted to share our experience of the foreigners living in Italy.

This is how our project called “iloveFerrara” came to life. We love this town with its unique history, the most ancient palio in the world, great weather and extraordinary people. Today, tourists from all over the world can come and experience Italy with all their senses. We make it accessible and easy to understand to everyone. Cooking together is one of the best ways to know the world.

Publishing House

Null & Full

Soon, the meetings with people and spending time together on cooking brought a huge joy and satisfaction to our lives. Therefore, we thought that sharing what we have and what we know with others is crucial for us. This is how we created a publishing house. To share our stories brought from around the world.

We do not believe that our lives start at the end of our comfort zone. On the contrary: it starts here and now. We are passionate in living in the present which modern world so willingly neglect. We live slowly, we travel slowly. And now we publish books. Slowly.

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